Person of the Day – Angela Merkel

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel (source:

 Sometimes, a Greek guy needs a jump start from the Germans to get the day started off right.  That’s why the Big Ern hops into the Beamer and cracks open the sunroof. 

Yesterday, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel proclaimed that despite the evaporating Greek economy; Chancellor Merkel wants the Greeks to stay members of the Euro.  Good for you, Angela!  These Greeks need a kick in the pants to get the money moving. 

Remember Tina Fey’s (fellow Greek American) SNL skit when she was the Greek grandmother visiting her US relatives, only to see Greek men and women of her age working at the New York City breakfast deli.  Fey’s character says something to effect of “This is the worst place I’ve ever seen.  Get me on a plane and back to the old country and the beach.”

The point is – the Greek people need to go back to work!  The Euro is the money over there now.  They’re not going back to Drachmas.  It’s time for the Greeks to get moving.  You tell ’em, Angela!

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