Number of the Day – 49

Big Ern’s Number of the Day is 49.

That’s because yesterday, Colorado Rockies 49-year-old starting pitcher Jamie Moyer became the oldest player in Major League history to drive in a run (record an RBI).  He did this with an infield single. 

Jamie Moyer (Source:

 Moyer used to pitch for the Red Sox about 17 years ago.  Remember Roger Clemens and Erik Hansen and Dana Kiecker?  Yeah, he pitched with those guys.  However, most of his 27-year Major League career has been spent in the National League where those pitchers get to swing the bat (the way it ought to be)!

Moyer started with the Cubbies back in 1986 and has recently been in the spotlight for contributing WORLD SERIES innings for the 2008-09 Philadelphia Phillies.

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