Blue Jays and Orioles , oh my!

As reported on the morning of Saturday, June 21 (the Ernifer Wedding date); several Blue Jays and Orioles were viewed soaring among the limbs of the highest Curwen trees.  Was it a sign that those two baseball symbols of Toronto and Baltimore would rule the AL East in 2014?

This morning gazing out through the window to the Kappotis Fish Pond, I was startled by another Blue Jay, buzzing over the pond and landing on the roof!  The Jays are everywhere here in West Peabody this summer.  And then as the Blue Jay took off, another bird took its place, a bird with a tint of … orange ??

As we pivot toward the All-Star Break (sponsored by “Ernifer-approved shopping vendor” Target), it’s the Orioles in First with Toronto just 2.5 games behind.  And yes, I know, Jacoby, the Bronx Bombers are firing right at the heels of the Jays.

So while it doesn’t appear that the playoffs are in the cards for Boston this season, let’s take a wide angle lens to this 2014 AL East playoff picture.  Sometimes, all you have to do is open your eyes.

photo (2)

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