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The ErnBlog Question of the Day is:

Which of these 8 choices is your favorite Boston Sports Champion of the 21st Century and Why?

A) 2001 New England Patriots

Vinatieri kicks in the snow/domes/grass, the kid named Brady napping before the Super Bowl then delivering in the clutch, and Ty Law’s six-pick interceptions are all parts of the Patriots’ first NFL Title. (Source:

B) 2001 Boston College Eagles Hockey


A Capricorn like Big Ern, a sophomore resident of 3rd floor 90 St. Thomas More like Big Ern, Brian Gionta (unlike Big Ern) was the best hockey player in the nation in 2000-01 and directed the Eagles to the National Title – the university’s first of four in the 21st century. (Source:

C) 2003 New England Patriots

Rodney Harrison arrived in New England in 2003 and joined Bill Belichick’s stifling defense that posted 3 shutouts and intercepted Peyton Manning 4 times for the AFC Championship.  Another Vinatieri field goal clipped the Panthers in Houston at Super Bowl XXXVIII. (Source:

D) 2004 Boston Red Sox


David Ortiz’ game-winning homers, Curt Schilling’s “Bloody Sock”, Johnny “Disciple” Damon, Kevin “Cowboy Up” Millar, and Pedro pointing to the sky in St. Louis are all lasting images of the 2004 Red Sox. (Source:

E) 2004 New England Patriots

Tedy Bruschi, Tom Brady, Adam Vinatieri, Bill Belichick, Matt Light, Dan Koppen, and Kevin Faulk won their 3rd Vince Lombardi Trophy by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in Jacksonville at Super Bowl XXXIX. With their second straight 17-2 record and NFL Championship, yes, it was a Dynasty. (Source:

F) 2007 Boston Red Sox

ALCS MVP Josh Beckett dominated the 2007 MLB Playoffs and World Series. With help from a new cast of characters (Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jon Lester, and Jonathan Papelbon) and with steady guidance from Manager Terry Francona, the 2007 Red Sox rose to the top of the baseball mountain again. (Source:

G) 2008 Boston Celtics

The Big Three joined forces in 2007-08, and along with the strategy of Coach Doc Rivers, ended a 22-year title drought for the NBA’s winningest franchise. (Source:

H) 2011 Boston Bruins

Zdeno Charo, Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, and Tim Thomas standing on his head guided the 2011 Bruins to the original NHL franchise’s first Stanley Cup since 1972. (Source:

One thought on “Question of the Day?

  1. The 2004 Sox – it was a heavy, heavy experience.

    Can’t discount the 2001 Pats who started the run for the pro teams with an amazing Cinderella run.

    And no, I didn’t count BC’s 2001 win because there’s so much BC apathy/hate around here, I know it didn’t resonate with 95% of the city. I mean, I thought it was cool, but that’s just how it is.

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