Ern Didn’t Start the Fire!


1953 Studebaker (Source:

Studebaker was an American car company based in South Bend, Indiana that released its first ELECTRIC CAR model in 1902 before switching over to gasoline in 1904.  The company was started by five brothers.  In addition to some sweet looking cars, I bet they also had some cool parties! 

Studebaker also designed miliary trucks and personell/cargo carriers for World War II.  In the 1950s, the company struggled to compete on cost against Ford and the other dominant American car manufacturers.  Studebaker closed up shop in the US in 1963 and then finally in Ontario in 1966.



 A 1955 Television (Source:

The word television is of mixed Greek and Latin etymology and means “far sight”.  And if you consider the literal meaning within the context of reality, television has truly extended the view of several of the world’s inhabitants since its rise to popularity during the 1940s in the United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and Germany.

Here you can see the 1955 hit show The Honeymooners televised on Marty McFly’s grandparents’ screen in the movie Back to the Future.  It was in that year that families all across America could watch Jackie Gleason in black and white while they ate their dinners.

For the record (Source:, here are some TV historical facts:

Highest Gross Revenue Television Company in 2011: Samsung

Most Widely Produced Television Type in 2011:           LCD-TV

Most Watched Program:                                           Final Episode of MASH (1983) (CBS)


Most Watched Sporting Event:                                Super Bowl XVI in Suburban Detroit     (San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals in 1982) (CBS) 


Most Watched Olympic Event:                                 Nancy Kerrigan vs. Tonya Harding in the Women’s Figure Skating Short Program (Lillehammer, Norway) (1994) (CBS) 



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  1. I watched Nancy Kerrigan vs. Tonya Harding in the Women’s Figure Skating Short Program (Lillehammer, Norway) (1994)!

  2. Mike Gallaher Videos is currently writing and producing a music video called “Ern didn’t start the fire”….will be a recap of mid 80’s till now involving Ernie and some of his friends. Stay tuned to for further details

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