The Proposal

The longest dinner of my life was the 2.5-hour Valantine’s marathon at The Hardcover in Danvers.  Although it wasn’t literally the longest, I knew that I would present a Diamond Ring to Jen afterwards at my house.  That made the meal figuratively the longest!  However, no criticism of The Hardcover (one of my favorite restaurants on the North Shore).  My crab-stuffed haddock was excellent.  Jennifer enjoyed lobster casserole with some sirloin and was also awarded a red carnation.

So after I opened by Valentine’s Presents (Celtics tickets and Hershey Kisses) from Jen, she began opening her Gifts from me: an Alex & Ani “Peace Sign” bracelet [also a consolation prize for Northeastern losing the Beanpot to BC 🙂 ]  and rich chocolates from Boston-based “Au Chocolaut”.

Jen Engagement

So now Jen commences to examine the chocolate, determining which piece her Mom would like and my Dad’s potential favorite.  Next, she starts pointing at different pieces, asking, “Ernie, what do you think is in this one, cocunut?  Caramel?”  I quickly answered, “Cocunut” as I bent down on one knee without her noticing.  “Really, cocunut?” she suspiciously inquired.  “Do you really think that piece of chocolate would go with cocunut?”

“Jen” … , I interrupted the Cocoa Bean Analysis, “Look, there’s one more present here!” acting almost surprised.  I placed a heart-shaped Lenox jewelry box into her line of sight over the chocolate box.  As she started to admire that, I think she thought the Lenox box was the present!  “Hey Jen, why don’t you open that?”  I urged.

“Is there something inside?” she wondered.  “I think so,” I suspected.  “Oh my God!” she exclaimed as she caught glimpse of the shimmering contents of the box – a white gold ring with diamonds.

“Jennifer Maria Ataide, will you marry me?” I asked.  “Yeah?” she utterred in confused shock.  “Yeah?” I checked, clarifying the response.  “Yes!!” she exclaimed.  And the rest is history!  The best Valentine’s Night ever!